"Susan is very high energy and always gives us a great workout!"

​"Just wanted to take a minute and tell you I am loving your class!  Stepped on the scale and I've lost 6 pounds!  Your class has motivated me.  Thank you."

"You won't even realize you're exercising because you are having so much fun!"​​ 

"Hi FB friends. I walk 4+ Km 5 days a week. About 2 weeks ago I was having some major pain in the front of my left leg and hip area. I had taken the summer off from my Zumba/work out class. I started back to class on Tuesday and after only 2 classes, I honestly can't believe how much better I feel. For anyone experiencing muscle pain anywhere, I highly recommend you get involved in any sort of workout class, it really makes all the difference. If I can do it...SO CAN YOU!!!! Thank you Susan Pomfret for all of your help and encouragement."

"I have been taking zumba, step and so much more with Susan for about a year now. Classes are fun, you don't even realize how hard you are working. Susan is very knowledgeable about the body and your muscles. She knows how to work on your trouble spots as well as care for your aches and pains."

Thanks to all the folks who took the time to write or comment on social media with their feedback!

"A great workout and a LOT of fun!" 

"I am absolutely loving it!"  

"Excellent workout!!! Loved it!"

​"Classes are awesome and so much fun!" 

"Your teaching is amazing!"

​"You are an amazing dancer and instructor!

You are great!  I keep thinking Zumba, where have you been all my life?"

"Our wonderful step/zumba lady is so awesome. If you are having a bad day she can pick you up in 2 seconds dancing. That's why I love step/zumba."

"Great Zumba class tonight with Susan Pomfret.. Lots of fun... Easy to follow and a good workout... Looking forward to more Thursday evening classes at 6 pm."

It's awesome, fun, gets ya off the couch, meet new people, makes you feel good and Susan is a super amazing understanding fabulous fun and grrreat teacher and friend. Come on everyone try it out!! You will be surprised just how much fun it is. Remember laughing is good for all of us. :))